Our Story

David and Susie Alexander’s involvement with the Kelso genetics began in the mid 90s. Whilst on the quest for some self-replacing maternal sheep genetics, they were introduced to Roger Marshall from New Zealand’s North Island. Roger remains a pioneer for composite sheep breeding on his Rangitikei farm, Tutu Totara.

Towards the end of the 90s, Roger stabilised the Kelso genetics into a composite animal with a background of Romney/Border Leicester/Finn/Texel. This animal became known as the Kelso.

Since then, these genetics have been imported from New Zealand and implemented into breeding programs in Australia. These programs were initiated at Gilgal, then at Doug and Kathryn Caldwell’s property, Pevensey, and now on Nunyara, Cootamundra.

We are really pleased with our Kelso merino cross ewes this year, their wool yields and micron is right where we were hoping it to be.

David Carr, CACM

Other initiatives on Nunyara.

Land to Market Initiative.

Nunyara has recently received its Land to Market 2021 Ecological Outcome Verification.

Land to Market is part of a global initiative, led by the Savory Institute, that is committed to farming practices that in turn regenerate the land. In Australia it was developed by farmers who practice holistic land management and regenerative agriculture.

Land to Market provide their affiliated farmers with reliable and comprehensive training and mentoring, whilst also offering the verified branding of their produce on the completion of training.

The Process

Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV)

Data is collected at Nunyara and recorded to show changes in ecological outcomes, e.g. water cycle, mineral cycle, energy flow and community dynamics.

The EOV process is as follows:

  1. Farmers join the EOV program
  2. Baseline assessment of property begins
  3. Property monitored annually with detailed property evaluation occurring every 5 years
  4. Data analysed to provide Quality Assurance
  5. Property receives EOV seal after positive trend in ecosystem health is established